Mano-A-Mano is a 1-on-1 racing mission against Chaz McFreely. It takes place on the stage Tin Town, and you are unable to use any weapons during the mission.


Finish 1st in a 3-lap race against Chaz in under 2:15 (Gold), 2:45 (Silver), or 3:15 (Bronze).



  • Chaz: That last race was all tricks and luck. These guys got in my way.
  • Vic: Hey, come on, Chaz!
  • Sapphire: Not cool.
  • You: What will it take to persuade you to join back up with Justice's team?
  • Chaz: Just you, just me. No distractions. No tricks. Straight up racing: 1 on 1.

In-Mission IntroductionEdit

  • Vic: This is just like my mint-in-sealed-box Chaz Pure Racing Action Playset!

In-Mission ConclusionEdit

  • Sapphire: [Player name] cheated! And I would have seen it except look at these flowers!


  • You: There, now I beat your times in THAT race. Will you at least talk to Justice, now? You really are skilled, you've just got to get over your own ego.
  • Chaz: Look, [player name], you really know how to fly. I'll give you that. That doesn't mean I'm just gonna follow you into battle now.
  • Chaz: The only person The Chaz trusts in combat is The Chaz, and that's the way it's going to be.


Gold: Inferno Wings 2, Hellcat Wings 2

Silver: Inferno Engines 2, Hellcat Engines 2

Bronze: Inferno Body 2, Hellcat Body 2, Sapphire


  • Although there are rewards for coming simply second or third, it is impossible to come in those two places as you must win to pass, and therefore receive your reward.

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