Makoto MSR Icon Makoto

Character Info Edit

Role Crew Racer, Android Mechanic
Business Garage
Residency Speedville

Makoto is a mechanic working at the Speedville garage with T.O.B.O.R. and Ol' Gabby. She informs you on how to upgrade car parts, paint, customize, and design your car. She still thinks she is a human girl and says that her favorite car patterns are: hearts, kittens and mandelbrot sets. Her favorite color is also #371F68, a hexadecimal code color that slightly resembles the color purple. She will also race alongside T.O.B.O.R. and Ol' Gabby and you can use her as a character.


Makoto does not have various missions, however she does run the Garage where you can:

  • Do Performance Upgrades on your car
  • Do Styling Upgrades on your car
  • Do Paint Jobs on your car
  • Edit your Sims appearance

Car Stats

Makoto's Car Stats

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