Agent Makoto Makoto

Character Info Edit

Role Android Client, Potential Recruit
Location Industrial District, The Headquarters

Makoto is one of Dr. F's robots. She is first found at DJ Candy's Warehouse club hanging around and dancing. She was programmed by Esma and Brandi to steal one of Dr. F's mechanisms (the foliage fusion drive or FFD) to amp up Candy's radio towers so she could be framed for killing MorcuCorp's plants. She may also be recruited as an agent after completing her dispatch mission, which is trying to get as many signatures in her yearbook as she can in order to be popular in her high school and helping her become the prom queen. It is revealed that she has a romantic interest in Travis if he is sent on her second dispatch mission.

Dispatch Missions

High School Yearbook

Description- I have obtained knowledge that high school girls desire to be "popular." Since I am a high school girl, and not a robot, if I get enough humans to sign my yearbook, then I will achieve "popular" status. Please assist.

Difficulty- 3/5

Duration- 2/12

Skills- Charisma/Paranormal

Rewards- An HQ object and a new dispatch mission!

Prom Date

Description- I have just learned that in order to fulfill my function as a high school girl, I must attend a human social event known as "the prom." I require a date. Please send suitable candidates at your earliest convenience.

Difficulty- 4/5

Duration- 4/12

Skills- Charisma/Nature

Rewards- An object for the HQ and a new recruit!


Recruit Request Message: Accessing Makoto data....Height: 1.3 Meters/ Weight: 240 Kilograms/ Composition: Synthskin over ultra-dende repellium/ operating system: FOS version 2,1 (BETA)


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