MagellanMSA Magellan

Character Info Edit

Role Earth Totem Pole guardian, potential recruit
Location Jungle Temple, The Headquarters

Magellan is a lemur that is needed to unlock the earth totem pole in the Temple Jungle. He resides at the top of the giant Gaia Tree with several other lemurs in the jungle. After the showdown with Morcubus and finding the Crown of Nightmares, he will then be avaliable for recruitment for the Sim Protection Agency. In most missions all you get from his calls are chitters, but occasionally he will send you pictures of what he's doing. Magellan mainly just sleeps when you see him in the HQ.


Recruit Request Message: Chitter-Chitter. Chit-Chirp chirp. Chirp chitter chitter chit? Chitter. Chitter chip chip chitter chip. Squeak.


Magellan's concept art drawn by MySims Agents concept artist, Genevieve Tsai.


  • Magellan's worst fear is apparently to be able to speak .
  • He and Wolfah are the only animals available for recruiting.
  • He also appears to be a ninja, as he throws shurikens with his tail in the Blade of Destiny mission and teaches Master Aran the "lemur style" in the Penguin Style mission.
  • He might be named after the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan. Basis for this would be that he is an important character in the exploration themed ruins area.


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