Madame Zoe is the fortune-telling spiritualist who owns several shops in several locations, including your town, Mystery Forest, and Speedville. She has the ability to look into a crystal ball and seek your future, and she has displayed the ability of hypnosis.


  • Zoe's nephew is Iggy.
  • may be based off of Madame Zeroni out of the book Holes. She bears resemblance in both her name and the fact that Madame Zeroni was a fortune teller as well.
  • Iggy says he likes her homestyle cooking, which implies she is a good cook, yet she hates tasty.
  • Zoe's hair is dark brown in and Party, but is red in Racing and Agents.
  • Zoe's last name may be "Boudreaux", but this is unknown as she may have a different surname than her uncle's, whose last name is "Boudreaux".
  • Zoe's worst nightmare is to lose her psychic powers, and to have terrible eyesight.
  • Zoe's character icon in Agents has brown hair instead of red.
  • In her character icon, she is shown with green earrings, like in the concept art below. However, in-game, she isn't wearing them.
  • When you first meet Zoe in Party for the DS, the game incorrectly spells her name as Madam Zoe.
  • is the only Spooky Sim not to work for or be mentioned by Morcubus, besides Wendalyn.
  • Zoe has Violet's voice type in every game she appears in except Agents, in which she has Lyndsay's voice type.
  • If you send her on Wendalyn's dispatch mission, she will state that she worked with Wendalyn in the past, and say that Wendalyn's cooking is magnifique. They also had made a gumbo recipe containing 12 kinds of chili powder.
  • In , 's outfit is on display in Dolly Dearheart's costume shop.
  • is one of few Sims who are confirmed to be American; in some of her descriptions, it claims that she used to live in Louisiana.
  • could possibly speak with a Cajun accent, as she uses traces of French when she speaks.
  • Madame Zoe appears in SimCity Creator, where she is a finance advisor for the city.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English:
  • French: Madame Zoé
  • Spanish:
  • Dutch: Madam Zita
  • Japanese: マダム·ゾーイ (Madamu Zōi)

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