Lyndsay-MSSHP Lyndsay

Character Info Edit

Role Navigator, Pilot
Affiliation SkyForce, Air-and-Sea Patrol
How to Unlock Default

Lyndsay appears in MySims SkyHeroes as a member of the Air-and-Sea Patrol along with Barney and Mira. She has the job of checking the radars if their are any enemy planes. She is also in charge of the navigation of the ship.


Set by Lyndsay

Involving Lyndsay



  • The Admiral doesn't think we'll run into any opposition, but I'm not so sure ...

After Fighting Patrol

  • I actually like the air and sea. It's the patrolling part that gets a little old sometimes.

After Diversionary Tactics

  • These Fortune Hunters really creep my out. Especially that Skullfinder guy.

After Prisoner Extraction

  • Don't worry, I'm doing everything I can to find Mira.

Before Chase And Rescue

  • Uh oh. Maybe you can make sure Barney is calm before I bring him this report.

After Chase And Rescue

  • With Mira still in trouble, I'm trying to find out all I can about Morcubus' defenses.

After All Rhodes Lead To Morcubus

  • I'm so glad you were able to rescue Mira. Nice flying, [player name].

Before Mega Shark vs... YOU!

  • It's impossible! No, that flying fortress has to have some weakness. You can destroy it, [player name]!

After Game is Complete

  • Now that the skies are safe again, I might retire and do some exploring! Thanks, [player name]!

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