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Character Info Edit

Role Archeologist
Location Town Hall Plaza & Crystal Falls, Autumn Bay

Lynsday is an arcaeologist who travels all over the world looking for ancient relics. In Autumn Bay, she helps you uncover the mystery of the stone key. She sends you to a small island to find the second half of an artifact. She then discovers it's a key to the secret treasure. After you return the stone key you will usually find her standing at crystal falls and you would be able to play gem mining.

Profile Edit

She has a great interest in artifacts found in town. She travels all over the world in search of ancient relics.

Tasks Edit

Find a way to break the rock! Edit

After investigating the town, focus is being concentrated on a rock. A shovel won't do... can you help out?

Mystery of the vanishing gems. Edit

Lyndsay's valuable gems are gone, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Help Lyndsay out by finding the gems for her!