Agent Lyndsay Lyndsay

Character Info Edit

Role Jungle Tour Guide, Explorer, Potential Recruit
Location Jungle Temple, later The Headquarters

Lyndsay is an explorer who loves maps, exploring, and world trivia. Lyndsay first appears as a tour guide Jenny hired to help you get through the Jungle Temple. She gives you several hints on how to open the temple's gate. Lyndsay takes the cup of water and activates the water pestal. She leaves after you find the Nightmare Crown to explore the jungle, but once you get to Headquarters she offers to become your agent. Lyndsay has made the catchphrase "I'll try anything once" for herself. Personality wise, Lyndsay is very different from her original counterpart, being rather easily excitable and seemingly always talking about maps, directions and some of her personal experiences that normally have to do with her getting lost.


Recruit Request Message: There's always new lands to explore and adventures to find. I can be your personal guide through the wilderness! (Oh, but can I get directions there please?)

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