Agent Luke Luke

Character Info Edit

Role Surf Shop owner, surfer
Location The Boardwalk

Luke is a laid back, careless surfer, with many tattoos. When he's not surfing, he's tending to his job, running the Surf Shop. He wants you to figure out who destroyed his surfboards. After some investigation, you figure out that an angry kraken named Mr. Suckers broke Luke's boards. He also gives you his all-natural herbal tea for Clara's tea party. Luke also wants help from your agents to prepare a surf-off to increase business. He has a relationship with Summer and a rivalry with Chaz McFreely due to Luke and Summer's relationship.

Dispatch MissionsEdit

Surf's Up!Edit

Description- Hey, dude, I'm bummin'! I've got a hankering to serve up a fun event at the shop. But I'm, like, totally out of ideas. Maybe you know some people who can help?

Difficulty- 3/5

Duration- 6/12

Skills- Athletic/Charisma

Rewards- New outfits!


  • Luke (and anyone else with his voice type, like Buddy) occasionally says words that sound similar to, "Surf's up, dude!"
    • Coincidentally, Greg Cipes (the voice actor who provides this voice type) is also a professional surfer.

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