Luis is a very smart college student who is always boasting about his college applications and tries to get involved with as many things as possible, such as volunteering. He has also been a humble employee of MorcuCorp and works with Morcubus and other employees to take over Speedville. Luis also has worked on Main Street to sell newspapers. He can be very moody when business isn't that great.


  • Luis makes a cameo appearance in MySims Racing as an employee for MorcuCorp.
  • Of all the boys who have a female voice in MySims, Luis' is the only one that is not low pitched.
  • Luis has Violet's voice type in MySims while in MySims Agents he has Dr. F's voice type.
  • Luis is probably 18 or 17 years old since he's looking for a college application.
  • Luis appears in SimCity Creator as the Finance Advisor for the city.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Luis
  • Spanish: Luis

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