Kingdom Resident Linda Linda

Character Info Edit

Role Theater Patron
Home Island Trevor Island
Interest Domestic

Linda spends her time on Trevor Island watching and taking part in Trevor's plays. She wears a red Renaissance-style dress. According to her character bio, she also seems to like embroidering period costumes.


An enthusiastic Renaissance fairgoer, Linda has embraced the hobby of embroidering period costumes. Since discovering Trevor Verily's Dramatic Troupe, she has become an avid theatergoer. It seems to go along well with her other hobbies of sitting and watching.

After Storyline Dialogue/Schedule


Says: Isn't being here with Trevor just so exciting? He's famous in certain circles!

Area She Is In: Stage Left


Says: Oh, I wish that I could get up on stage like Trevor and entertain people. Wouldn't that be delightful?

Area She Is In: Stage Left


Says: I wonder what Trevor has in his trailer? I bet he has so many awards!

Area She Is In: Back Lot


Says: Stars of the stage get so many perks...just look at this shiny trailer!

Area She Is In: Back Lot


Says: Oh...oh my. I'm rather tired, I'm afraid. Perhaps I can talk to you in the morning?

Area She Is In: Center Stage, sleeps if any chairs/couches/beds are available, but just yawns if none

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