Linda is a Studious woman who loves books and plays. She's always polite, always apologizing for whatever she says, even when she's said nothing wrong! She always has her signature afro hairstyle.

Trivia Edit

  • Linda has red hair in MySims and MySims Party, where as she has brown hair in MySims Kingdom.
  • Linda, along with Gordon, are the only two Sims in MySims Kingdom who don't offer tasks.
  • In MySims Kingdom, it suggested that Linda has romantic feelings for Trevor Verily. When Trevor wants you to kiss him during the task "Act One - The Kiss" (Him as Princess Alexandra), she says that her "Heart was atwitter when that young man onstage was looking for someone to kiss him," and asks if it is alright for her to be jealous.
  • Linda is the only character from Trevor Island that doesn't appear in MySims Agents.
  • Linda is one of the two Sims that like Domestic, the other being Elmira.
  • Linda appears in SimCity Creator as the Health & Education Advisor for the city.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Linda
  • Spanish: Linda
  • Japanese: リンダ

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