LilyPortal Lily

Character Info Edit

Role Curio Shop owner

Lily is a shop owner who owns a Curio Shop that is a bit technophobic. She loves selling plants, but customers requested for her to bring in electrical appliances into the store, so she did it, despite not wanting to just for her customers. You have to help her numerous times to overcome her fear of electrical appliances before fulfilling her.

Profile Edit

Name: Lily

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation: Curio seller

Description: She doesn't like electrical appliances, but she loves plants dearly. She's also fond of her glasses.

Character EventsEdit

Help LilyEdit

Lily can't move because there's an appliance she hates in the store. Buy the appliance!

Love PlantsEdit

Lily has more products in store. Take a look at what she has now!

Love More PlantsEdit

Lily has more products in store. She's happy because she has more of her favorite plants!

Welcome CustomerEdit

Lily's going to hand out balloons to get more customers.

Help her!

Hates AppliancesEdit

Lily's going to overcome her hate for appliances.

Can she do it?

World's Greatest StoreEdit

Lily has finally overcome her hatred for appliances. She's aiming to have the world's greatest store.


  • Lily has a slight resemblance to Joshua, having green hair and glasses.

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