Agent Liberty Liberty

Character Info Edit

Role Client, Potential Recruit
Location The Headquarters

Liberty appears as a client that reaches out to the Sim Protection Agency with a dispatch mission. Although she has no interaction with the main plot involing Morcubus and the crown, she apparently still seems to be in love with Travis like she was when they attended school at The Royal Academy in the MySims Kingdom. She needs help recovering her pet snake, Mr. Venom (although she doesn't seem to mind that Mr. Venom can hurt people). After Liberty's snake is safe, she will offer to work for you.

Dispatch Missions

Snake on the Loose!

Description- Oh no, oh no! I was carrying my pet snake Mr. Venom to his favorite picnic spot, but I must have left my backpack open because he's gone! Please help me find him!

Difficulty- 4/5

Duration- 3/12

Skills- Nature/Smarts

Rewards- An object for the HQ and a new recruit!


Recruit Request Message: Hi, I'm Liberty! I'd make a good agent because I study really hard and I come with my own sidekick: Mr. Venom. Oh, I heard you hired Travis...Is he still there?


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