Agent Leaf Leaf
Leafman (MySims Agents Tab)

Character Info Edit

Role Rock Star, Potential Recruit
Location The Headquarters

Leaf is a rock star Elf who can be potential recruit for your agency. He still retains his signature appearance and personality, and is interested in becoming an agent, so he asks you to recruit him. You can get him as a recruit while digging for evidence of Evelyn's jewelery during Evelyn's house robbery case. He is available to recruit once you dig in one of the holes that Dogwood had made far to the west in the Forest Park. If you don't dig him out of the hole, however, you can also unlock him as a recruit from the dispatch mission Sewer Search.


Leaf Recruit Screen (fangirl scream)

Recruit Request Message: I'm Leaf, yes, THE Leaf, the Elven Highlord of Rock. So you should hire me into your agency. I have NO experience fighting crime, but think of the publicity we'd get!


New Recruit Dialogue

Recruiting Leaf

Player: Welcome to the team!
Leaf: What's up, people?! Are we ready to rock...LEAF STYLE?

Inside HQ Dialogue

Normal Conversations

  • Just one complaint I have about this HQ: not enough hot tubs!
  • Time to rock a dispatch mission, [player name]. Get me out there and I'll make you proud.
  • I've been a lot of things in my life, but I've never been an agent before. This is so cool!

While Evelyn House Robbery Case

  • I've heard the best way to prevent break-ins is to have a burglar alarm...OF ROCK!

After Evelyn House Robbery Case

  • Elves can never be corrupted! Unlike some mayors.

After Visiting the Mountains

  • Does having the F-Space Manipulator mean you can manipulate me a hot tub? Sign me up!

While Visiting Industrial District

  • I hear there's a cool club in the Industrial District. It's not really my style, but it sure is loud!

While Looking for Letters that Derek Stole from Poppy

  • So that Poppy is the key to cracking this case? Who would have thought! I mean, flowers are so dumb, am I right?

While Going to the Boudreaux Mansion

  • Maybe I should have a will written. It's almost my 15238th birthday, and Elves don't live forever.

While At the Boardwalk

  • So the Nightmare Crown is in two pieces, huh? I bet it was torn asunder by the forces of rock and roll.

While at the Jungle Temple

  • How ancient is this temple you're going to? My cousin used to build temples. His name is Acorn.

After Beating Morcubus

  • I've been around for a long time, [player name], but I haven't seen anyone as brave as you. Except maybe me.

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