King MSR Icon King Roland

Character Info Edit

Residence Greenwood Forest
Car Weight Class Heavy
MorcuCorp? No
Role Rival Racer, King

King Roland travels from his kingdom to visit the racing town of Speedville. When he comes across the star racer, he challenges that young person to a friendly time trial, to see if that racer is worthy of racing the kind ruler. If the racer accomplishes the trial, Roland will hold a personal race between the two on the Crater Lake. Win or lose, he is a good sport and will reward the young, aspiring racer with some blueprints before returning home, although Roland returns to compete in charity races and championships.


MSR-Burning Lap King Roland's Time Trial

Aim: Beat King Roland's time to complete the challenge!

Introduction: Greetings, loyal subject! I am Roland, King of the Race Track! // Before I race against you, you need to prove your worthiness be beating my best time. // And while you try, I'll just grab a quick cupcake. What say you, brave racer?

Gold Target: 42 seconds

Silver Target: 45 seconds

Bronze Target: 52 seconds

Course: Crater Lake

Completion: Most impressive! I think you've earned a vanilla cupcake with sprinkles on top! Also, this!

Reward: MSR-Engine Quintruple Valve Engine

MSR-1 v 1 Duel At The Lake

Aim: Reach the finish line before King Roland.

Introduction: You have proven yourself worthy of racing me. Let us duel around the lake, Sir [player name]! // Will you pick up the gauntlet and race me?

Gold Target: Beat Rival Racer by 10 seconds

Silver Target: Beat Rival Racer by 5 seconds

Bronze Target: Beat Rival Racer by 0 seconds

Course: Crater Lake

Completion: Well done indeed. For besting me in duel, recieve this as your reward!

Reward: MSR-Front Lights Castle Door, MSR-Front Object Crown, MSR-Rear Object Grimore

Car Stats

King Roland Car Stats

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