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Role King

King Roland is the king of the MySims Kingdom, who comes to visit your town once in a while to see how it's doing. King Roland is shocked and mortified on the day the town is ruined by the mysterious villain. He demands Ellen to fix everything back up immediately, and you decide to help with this. King Roland makes various references to the Wii version of MySims Kingdom. One time is when he wonders whether Lyndsay, Buddy, and their "friend" (or the Wandolier, who is the player in the Wii version) should come and fix the island back up, but decides that they are too busy to come in and help. He will come in and check the progress of building the town back up after various chapters in the game's story.


Name: Roland

Age: 83

Gender: Male

Occupation: King

Description: A kind and wise king who rules in a far away land. Has a severe weakness for cupcakes.

Character Events

I am the King

I am the King that rules this land. Do you know my name...?

Angry King!!

The town is a mess and the King's upset!!

Rebuild the town together with Ellen!

UFO Makes King Happy!!

The suspect has been caught and the UFO has been secured. The King is happy! All is well!

Fix the UFO!

You managed to get the UFO but it seems to be broken. How can the UFO be fixed? Get some advice from Dr. F!

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