Kage-MSSHP Kage

Character Info Edit

Role Pilot, Ninja
Affiliation Crescent Moon Village, SkyForce
How to Unlock Default

Kage (pronounced "Kah-geh") appears in the Console version of MySims SkyHeroes. He is a ninja/pilot from the Crescent Moon Village working under Star. He agrees to work with SkyForce after being shown the MorcuCorp harvester. Kage only occasionally talks, often saying "..." when he's talked to but he is not mute like Yvette, proven several times in cutscenes and after beating the game. However, he talks regularly in the DS version without constantly saying "..."


Set by KageEdit


Involving KageEdit


After SkyForce Fights With Honor!Edit

  • ...

After Ninja GuidingEdit

  • ...

Before Ninja Vs. PiratesEdit

  • ...

Before Mega Shark vs... YOU!Edit

N/A as you cannot talk to him

After Game is CompleteEdit

  • You are a great warrior, [player name]. The Crescent Moon Village is in your debt.


  • 影 (Kage) means shadow in Japanese.

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