Agent Justice Justice

Character Info Edit

Role Tattoo Shop Owner
Location The Boardwalk

Justice is a temporary tattoo shop owner who has retired and settled down after an exciting life full of many experiences. You have to help him find out who destroyed his crab traps which stopped him being able to eat his crab sandwiches. He suspects Clara, since she loves animals and he gave her a telling off for trying to free his crabs before, which she left in tears, and she may want revenge. He also suspects Chef Watanabe because he apperantly is making a lot of money for his crab sushi rolls. He turns out to be wrong as both are innocent. The perpertrator is Yuki, whose Muba scuba shop is right next door to his residence. Yuki was searching for sunken treasure on the sea bed when the propeller got tangled in the crab traps. Justice also wants your agents to confront some old "friends" about stealing his tattoo designs as a Dispatch Mission. After your recruits beat them in a motorcycle race, Justice reports that his "friends" hid a camera in his shop so they could steal his ideas. After you get the Nightmare Crown, Justice says his most popular tatto is a temporary tatto which is your name in bubble writing. Justice also wants you to get him some oil from Yuki's submarine so he can make a tattoo from it for Goth Boy as an optional task.

Dispatch Missions

Justice For Justice

Description- Hey kid. Justice here. Look, i'm having trouble with some old...friends of mine. They've started a rival tattoo parlor, and they're stealing all my designs! I know they're doing it but I need proof to get them shut down by the city tattoo board!

Difficulty- 5/5

Duration- 2/12

Skills- Athletic/Charisma

Rewards- New outfits and a trophy!

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