Desert Junkyard 1

One part of the junkyard.

Desert Junkyard 2

Another part of the junkyard.

Junkyard Entrance

The junkyard entrance in the Desert.

The Junkyard is a place in the Desert that you can unlock once you reach Star Level 4. The entrance is blocked by a metal gate, so you are required to use a Blowtorch and incinerate it to pass through into the junkyard. In the junkyard, there are broken cars all over the place, as well as one UFO that seems to have crashed. It is said that aliens must have once crashed here, as Professor Nova tells you this, and there are actual Aliens (which are now Essences) buried in the ground that you can prospect. The UFO makes some sounds, but it doesn't move at all and just seems to be a background decoration. You can also hear the loud buzzing of flies in various places.



Areas You Can Enter From HereEdit

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