Jimmy-MSSHP Jimmy Watanabe
Jimmy (MSSH)

Character Info Edit

Role Pilot, Trainee Ninja
Affiliation Crescent Moon, SkyForce
How to Unlock Get Bronze in SkyForce Fights With Honor!

Jimmy Watanabe appears in MySims SkyHeroes. He is the apprentice ninja of Star and Kage and helps them on certain missions. Jimmy also says he's afraid of bullets and flying.


Set by Jimmy


Involving Jimmy


After SkyForce Fights With Honor!

  • Did Star totally fool you with that "farmer" routine? She's pretty much a master of disguise.

Before Ninja Guiding

  • What's wrong, [player name]? You look like you have something to say.

After Ninja Guiding

  • Why am I stuck training? Why can't I be in on the secret ninja plan?

Before Big Wargame Hunter

  • Um, do you know why Justice called me here, [player name]? We're not in trouble, right?

After Big Wargame Hunter

  • Why am I stuck training? Why can't I be in on the secret ninja plan?

Before Ninja Vs. Pirates

  • Hey, you should talk to Star. We've got some exciting news!

Before Mega Shark vs... YOU!

N/A as you cannot talk to him

After Game is Complete

  • After Morcubus was defeated, I told Star "Now my training is complete." Then she laughed for a really, really long time.

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