Jimmy Watanabe is Chef Watanabe's anxiety and allergy prone son and Sachiko's cousin. He gets very nervous around knives and has horrible allergic reactions to fish, but despite that, he always tries to win his sushi chef father's honor. In MySims Party, Jimmy asks you to help him deliver his father's sushi, and he appears in MySims SkyHeroes as a pilot who is afraid of flying.


  • In MySims Agents, Chef Watanabe mentions Jimmy in his second dispatch mission, where he aspires for Jimmy to become a great sushi chef like himself. Though Jimmy still can't get that quite down, he discovers he can make a mean seaweed wrap!
  • Although Jimmy has severe allergy to fish, he still eats fish when he sits down or stops by his dad's restaraunt to eat due to programming.
  • Jimmy was the first Sim confirmed to be the child of another Sim, in this case Chef Watanabe.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Jimmy
  • French: David
  • Spanish: Jaime
  • Dutch: Danny
  • Japanese: ジミーワタナベ

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