The Jet is a method of transportation used in MySims Agents. It plays a similar role as the train from the same game. It can only be used at certain times to go anywhere.

Jet from a side view.


When you first join the S.P.A, you are given a jet that will remain at the hangar. You can use it multiple times when you have a case far away from the city. The interior consists of mainly two seats, a handle to guide the ship and buttons for various uses.


  • You go to the Jungle Temple in hopes of finding the Nightmare Crown, to keep away from MorcuCorp.
  • After beating the game, you can watch the credits and see the jet fly around.

    The jet from an aerial view


  • When Evelyn travels to the Mountains and the Jungle, she has to sit in the cargo hold, because there are only two seats.
  • When you leave the mountains Buddy says "These cases go by so quickly pal! Today I took time to sit down appreciate the beauty of freshly fallen snow. I'm glad these seats are heated!", revealing that the seats can be suited to change due to the environment.
  • A similar jet called the 'AGENT' appears in MySims SkyHeroes
Mysims Agent jet

Two agents sitting in the jet during the opening sequence.

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