Jenny-MSSHP Jenny

Character Info Edit

Role Pilot
Affiliation SkyForce
How to Unlock Get Bronze in Staying Ahead of the Wargame

Jenny appears in MySims SkyHeroes as a member of SkyForce, where she appears as your partner on many missions. She first appears with Martin, doing a practice race with you. She still seems to be the sarcastic character who loves science fiction stories and frequently writes them, although she seems to say that living through one is not as good as she thought.


Set by Jenny


Involving Jenny


Before 1st Boss Battle

None as you cannot talk to her

Before 2nd Boss Battle

  • Justice is calling some kind of meeting. I bet we're all getting some time off!
  • I enjoy writing or reading pulpy sci-fi stories. LIVING through one isn't as fun as I'd hoped.

Before 3rd Boss Battle

N/A as you cannot speak to them

Before 4th Boss Battle

N/A as you cannot speak to them

Before 5th Boss Battle

Whilst Undercover & Before Mega Shark vs... YOU!

  • We're getting close to the end, now, [player name]. We'd better be on the winning side of this thing.

After Game is Complete

N/A as you cannot speak to her

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