Agent Jenny Jenny
Jenny MSA

Character Info Edit

Role HQ Desk Receptionist & Secretary
Location The Headquarters

Jenny works as your HQ's front desk receptionist. She dislikes doing her job and always tries to take every possible chance to take a break from it. Jenny really wants to quit and get a publishing deal from her fan fiction. She is usually seen sitting behind her desk reading a book. Talk to her to send one of your recruit teams on a dispatch mission. She also will occasionally use her computer to search up information on the various places you will visit.

Dispatch Missions

Episode X

Description: Starcruiser X is having a contest for the best fan-written episode, and they're hiring the winner to work on the show. Could you spare a few agents to help me brainstorm?

Difficulty: 2/5

Duration: 3/12

Skills: Smarts, Paranormal

Reward: A new HQ object and a trophy!

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