Id, Ego, Super-Ego is the first mission you take for Team McFreely. It is a racing mission and uses the stage SFB Capital Island.




  • You: Chaz? Chaz McFreely?
  • Chaz: Hey, it's another ChazFan! What's up? What do you want me to sign? Photograph? A copy of "Fly McFreely: The Aeronautic Ace" on DVD? Limited edition Chaz lithograph?
  • You: I'm not a fan. I'm--
  • Chaz: WHAT?! Look, friend, there's only two kinds of people in the world: ChazFans and Chumps.
  • Chaz: The good news is, YOU get to pick which one you want to be.
  • Sapphire: I'm definitely a ChazFan!
  • Sapphire: He jumps up in that plane and just WHOOSH he's just looping and swooping and doing awesome tricks and he's the only pilot who goes fast enought to keep up with my attention span!
  • Sapphire: Ooh, look! A bird!
  • Vic: And even if you're not an actual fan of Chaz, you can't argue with his collectibles! Those lithographs he mentioned? Only 300 were ever made, and I own TEN of them!
  • You: That's impressive.
  • Chaz: So what's it gonna be? ChazFan or Chump?
  • You: I'm really just here to talk.
  • Chaz: Speak your mind, Chump.
  • You: I'm here for Justice. We want you to join SkyForce. We could use a talented squadron like yours to help fight the forces of MorcuCorp.
  • Chaz: Join you? Are you kidding me?! Team McFreely is the best resistance force in the world! YOU should be joining US!
  • Chaz: Then again, only the BEST can keep up with The Chaz.
  • You: You sure talk a lot, McFreely. I wonder if you have the skills to back it up?
  • Chaz: HA! Challenge accepted, Chump! Time to show you what we can do, Chaz-o-nauts ASSEMBLE!

In-Mission IntroductionEdit

  • Chaz: The Chaz eats Chumps like you for breakfast.

In-Mission ConclusionEdit

  • Sapphire: I knew I should have taken a fifth energy drink! Let's have a dance party!


  • You: I won, Chaz. Is that enough proof that SkyForce is still an elite squadron?
  • Chaz: I don't believe it! You must have had a tailwind out there. And I had a headwind, too.
  • Chaz: Is your aircraft some kind of experimental super-plane? Also, you caught me right before a tune up, so...Oh, and I have the flu.
  • Sapphire: Omigosh, I just hate it when all that happens, don't you?
  • You: ...


Gold: Bomber Wings 2, Hydra Wings 2

Silver: Bomber Engines 2, Hydra Engines 2

Bronze: Bomber Body 2, Hydra Body 2

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