Ice Cream Dream
Ice Cream Dream

Ice Cream Dream Edit

Host Roxie Road

Ice Cream Dream is a minigame run by Roxie Road in MySims Party, and she needs help serving ice cream to hungry and eager customers. This minigame first appears in the Happy Festival, hosted by Poppy.


Scoop ice cream and put it on the cone! The player who makes the most ice cream cones wins.


Roxie: Can you help me serve ice cream? Look at the image next to the cone, scoop the ice cream, and place it on top. Some customers want a double scoop!

After FinishingEdit

Roxie: Wow, you made a lot of ice cream cones! And you didn't even spill any! Please come help me out again sometime! Here are your scores.


Point Wiimote: Move Scoop

Press A Button and Twist Wiimote: Scoop

B Button: Return Ice Cream

Recommended Stat(s)Edit

Festival Appearance(s) Edit

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