Hot Wasabi! Edit

Host Chef Watanabe

Hot Wasabi! is hosted by Chef Watanabe. Each Player gets a piece of sushi and they try it. if they get the hot hot hot piece of sushi, they will get dizzy. the last player that is not dizzy wins.


Let's all eat some sushi! If you're unlucky enough to get the piece with hot wasabi, you're out!

Description Edit

Hisao Watanabe: "I have put a heavy helping of wasabi in one of these perfectly crafted pieces of sushi. Will you be lucky enough to avoid eating it?"

After FinishingEdit

Hisao Watanabe: "Here are your scores. The final survivor truly had luck on their side today."


Point Wiimote: Move Cursor

A Button: Select

Recommended Stat(s) Edit

Festival Appearance(s) Edit

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