Agent Hopper Hopper

Character Info Edit

Role Client, Potential Recruit
Location The Headquarters

Hopper is a client with a dispatch mission. His broth back at the Forest of the Elves has become tainted and become green and needs to figure out who did it! Your agents conclude that MorcuCorp was responsible for tainting Hopper's broth. After the mystery is solved, he is willing to volunteer as an agent.

Dispatch Missions

Tainted Broth

Description- My hopper broth has been tasting funny lately, and my froggy friends won't play with me. Help me figure out what's up, SPROING?!

Difficulty- 3/5

Duration- 3/12

Skills- Paranormal/Nature

Rewards- A new HQ object, paint, and a new recruit!


Hopper Recruit Profile

Recruit Message: SPROING! Hiya, [player name]! Ribbit! I noticed your team of agents is woefully lacking in frogboys. I can help with that!


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