Hopper-Template Hopper

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 0
Role Frog Fanatic
Residence Name Hopper's Pad

Hopper is a young boy who absolutely loves frogs who dresses in a full body green frog suit. He will arrive at the town hotel as soon as your town is 100% "cute" as the "uber cute Sim".


Hopper won first place at the high jump competition. Then he kind of let the success go to his head.









Hotel Introduction

  • Hi! I’m Hopper! Nobody can jump as far as me! Boing boing!

Accept Move-In

  • Live in this town? Sure! I think I can bring the much needed frog-suit-wearing-guy demographic!

After You Build House

  • Thanks for the house! This sure beats lilypads and mudholes, hehe…

Request For More Stuff

  • Frog bed, frog fridge, frog chairs…if only somebody would make me lots of Cute frog furniture. Hehe…

Star Level 1

  • Hi!

Star Level 2

  • I get all my frog costumes custom-made by Dolly Dearheart. Have you met her yet? Maybe she'll move here once the town gets big enough.

Star Level 3

  • Every house in this town should have a couch. That's what I think. They're so fun to jump on!

Star Level 4

  • I'd just like to say, it really is kinda hard being green.

Star Level 5

  • A frog? Where? Oh yeah. Hehe.
  • Ribbit ribbit ribbit…Boiiiiiiiiiiing!

Best Friend

  • Man, my place is cuter than a Red-Eyed Tree Frog! Thanks!

Best Friend Reward

  • A bunch of animal costumes + Hopper's outfit
  • Bed - Froggy
  • Couch - Froggy

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