Character Info Edit

Role Mayor
Location Town Hall Plaza, Autumn Bay

Hopkins is the town mayor of Autumn Bay who is always cheerful and loves his citizens. He lives in the town hall located in Town Hall Plaza He is concerned about Thief V who's been trying to steal the secret treasure that is the pride of the town. At the end of the adventure when you have completed his missions, he gives you a challenge where you have to go around town and ask citizens to give you a special puzzle.


He received a crime note, and has asked for your help. He is an old fishing buddy of Joseph's.


Challenge from Hopkins!Edit

Your ability to solve the riddles and catch Vincent has greatly impressed Hopkins. He now wants you to challenge you with some of his own riddles!

Get some hints from the residents in town and solve Hopkins' riddles! The riddle ends up being: HFqALaRdQG

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