Holding Out For A Hero is the first mission you do involving Gal Force 4. It is a dogfight mission and takes place on the Chemical Worksite stage.


In 3 minutes:



  • Gabby: Hey [player name]. Got no missions for ya right now.
  • Violet: Except it looks like we have more MorcuCorp activity. A group of drones has engaged some local pilots. We need you to check it out.
  • Gabby: Or don’t.
  • Violet: What? No. He definitely should. You should check it out.
  • Gabby: You notice whenever he checks something out, he tends ta get shot at? A lot? Then ol’ Gabby gets stuck with the repairs.
  • Violet: Well ... be careful, then, [player name]. But remember, if you are attacked--
  • Gabby: Ain’t no shame in runnin’!
  • Violet: --you are cleared to use force.
  • Gabby: Jus’ sayin’. Runnin’s an option.
  • Violet: I’ve uploaded the coordinates. You can leave at once. Help those pilots!

In-Mission IntroductionEdit

  • Candy: Mayday! Mayday! If anyone can hear this ... HELP!

In-Mission ConclusionEdit

  • Candy: Thanks for the save! I thought I was a goner for sure!


  • Candy: Whew! I haven’t felt my heart pound like that since I tried Dr. F’s experimental Mage-Bass speakers.
  • Sylvia: We’re just lucky you came along in time! Welcome to our base.
  • Candy: We are the Gal Force 4! DJ CANDY!
  • Sylvia: SYLVIA!
  • Evelyn: Evelyn.
  • You: I’m [player name]. So, um, Gal Force 4? There’s only three of you.
  • Candy: yeah, we’re still hiring for the fourth position.
  • You: Okay ... So what were you guys doing out there? Tangling with MorcuCorp is no joke.
  • Candy: Yeah, but who else is going to protect us? That’s why we formed the Gal Force: to fight back!
  • Sylvia: Look, we might not be the fanciest pilots in the sky, but we can’t just sit by and do nothing, you know?
  • You: Well, I can certainly understand that.
  • Evelyn: I hate to say it, but [player name] still has a point. We don’t exactly inspire fear in the heart of our enemies.
  • Candy: Well, I know, but ...
  • Sylvia: Look. We’re new at this, but we’re the bravest girls up there. We just need a little experience.
  • You: Sylvia’s right. Sometimes the spirit to fight back is all you need.
  • Evelyn: But is that really enough...?
  • You: Listen, I like what the Gal Force is trying to do. If you need any help--training, whatever--just let us know. I’ll give you our comm codes so you can contact us.
  • Candy: Omigosh, that’s AWESOME! You rock, [player name]!
  • Sylvia: Nice to know we don’t have to go it alone up there!
  • Evelyn: Very generous. Thank you.
  • You: Good luck.


Gold: Hydra Engines 1, Hydra Rear Add-On, Gal Force 4 Logo

Silver: Hydra Body 1, Hydra Belly

Bronze: Hydra Wings 1, Hydra Tail, Sylvia

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