High-Flying Heist is a dogfight mission, and the fourth mission where you directly involve the Fortune Hunters. It uses the stage Chemical Worksite.


In 5 minutes and 30 seconds:



  • Justice: So you're the Fortune Hunters, huh? Glad to have your support, finally.
  • Skip: We've divested ourselves of the MorcuCorp stock and are completely behind you, Justice.
  • Vincent: And, to show you how invested we are, we've brought you a valuable bit of intelligence I unearthed.
  • Skip: Morcubus recovered the Ragnarok, and Sir Vincent knows where it's being kept. And he'll tell you at no additional cost.
  • Vincent: They have been working on the plane. It must be very powerful now.
  • Justice: That super-plane could turn the tide of the war. Kid, I think things might finally be going our way for a change.
  • You: Alright, Skullfinder, how do we "liberate" the Ragnarok from Morcubus?
  • Vincent: They're holding it in a secret, shielded MorcuCorp hanger. We'll have to sneak in on foot and fly the plane out.
  • You: Okay. Once we have it, Skullfinder pilots the Ragnarok back here while Skip and I keep the enemy forces busy.
  • Vincent: Are you sure, [player name]?
  • You: No offense, but Skip and I are the better shots. This is the best plan.

In-Mission IntroductionEdit

  • Svetlana: Not again! Defend the new Ragnarok! And use your own plane this time Dragomir!

In-Mission ConclusionEdit

  • Dragomir: They've taken the Ragnarok! Brilliant plan, Svetlana!


  • Justice: What happened up there?
  • You: Everything went to plan, why? How's the plane?
  • Justice: What plane?! Skullfinder never arrived! Isn't he with you?
  • You: He's gone ...
  • Skip: No! Sir Vincent disappeared with the Ragnarok? He... he betrayed my trust!!
  • You: Yeah, and for reference? THAT'S what that feels like.
  • Skip: It's awful! Man, I sure wouldn't want to be Vincent's face once Yuki finds out about this...


Gold: Artemis Body 3, Vanguard Body 3

Silver: Artemis Wings 3, Vanguard Wings 3, Skip Rogers

Bronze: Artemis Engines 3, Vanguard Engines 3

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