Herding a pig at Elmira's farm in the beginning of the game.

In some tasks in MySims Kingdom, herding an animal is required to complete them. Herding usually involves chasing or leading an animal to a place, like inside a fence. Sometimes, you'll have to have the animal follow behind you to the destination. Running too fast will have the animal stop following you, however. Other tasks include chasing an animal to the destined location. Lord Daniel, during your visit at Cutopia will ask you to chase a horde of spiders away from Violet and his picnic. You also have to heard Roxie's cows, the crabs on Candypalooza, Filbert in the Royal Academy. Sometimes, you're able to interact with the animal using an interaction called "Hyaa!" Your Sim will yell "Hyaa!" and the animal will quicken their pace.

In the beginning of the game, your first task, as the pig herder employed to Elmira Clamp, is to herd pigs to a patch of dirt. Later, you have to lead Renee's bear to it's cub at the nature walk. At Rocket Reef, you have to herd T.O.B.O.R.'s legs to him after they are blown off in a rocket crash. In Cutopia, you must herd bunnies into a pen so they can be fluffed. On Trevor Island, you must herd bunnies onto a stage (for ART, according to Trevor). You must also "herd" Trevor while dressed as a dragon to different places for a play. At The Royal Academy, you must herd Filbert into his pen after he escapes.

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