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The Happy Festival in MySims Party DS


Poppy, the happy florist, is the host of the Happy Festival.

The Happy Festival is a festival in MySims Party hosted by florist Poppy.

Wii versionEdit




  • Hey, everyone!
  • Thanks for coming to the Happy Festival!
  • My name's Poppy, and I did all of the flower arrangements.
  • Aren't they cute?
  • Today, we're gonna play 5 totally cute mini-games.
  • It's like a puppy in a field of flowers!
  • Highest score wins!
  • I'll give the team who scores really high my favorite monument!
  • It's guaranteed to make you happy!
  • All right, let the Happy Festival begin! Yay!
  • Let's head on over to the first mini-game.
  • It's so pretty, it's just ridiculous! Hooray!


300 points - Happy Tower

DS versionEdit


Number of Minigames - 4

Number of Team Members - 1

Number of Cards - 2


NOTE: There isn't always a set list.

1) Clothing Cut-Out - Tyler

2) Sleeping Sophie - Sophie

3) Gone Fishing - Joseph

4) Okay Bouquet - Poppy



  • Hey, everyone!
  • It's time to start the Happy Festival!
  • I'm Poppy and I'll be your MC!
  • With this many flowers, you know I'm happy!
  • There are four different mini games in the festival!
  • Power and technique traits are needed for them all!
  • It's like working in the flower shop!
  • You need technique to nurture the plants and power to carry them all!
  • It's time to announce the first mini game!
  • It is...
  • [minigame]!
  • I'm so excited!
  • This festival is ready to bloom!

After 1st minigame:Edit

  • How is everyone doing?
  • Did you enjoy the mini game?
  • Right now, 1st place belongs to [team name]!
  • But, it's still early. You never know who will bloom at the end!
  • Good luck, buddies! Remember to get some sun!
  • (Poppy walks to middle of the stage)
  • And now for the next mini game!
  • The next minigame is...
  • [minigame]!
  • Let's put the "petal" to metal!

After 2nd minigame:Edit

  • Good work, everybody!
  • That was a great match!
  • You really turned up the heat!
  • [team name] is currently in 1st place!
  • But the final results are still blowing in the wind!
  • (Poppy walks to middle of the stage)
  • And now for the next mini game!
  • The next mini game is...
  • [mini game]!
  • Let's put the "petal" to metal!

After 3rd minigame:Edit

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After 4th minigame:Edit

  • Good work, everyone!
  • All the mini games have finally finished...


  • and everyone must be dying to know who the winner is!
  • The final rankings!
  • (Results come up on top screen)
  • (The winner appears on podium on bottom screen)
  • And the winner is...
  • [team name]!
  • Congratulations! You really "rose" to the occasion!
  • And with that, the Happy Festival has officially ended! See you later!

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