Essence Info Edit

Interest Cute
Initial Location Being Nice to most Sims
Specific Location None
Essence Type Social

Happy essences can be obtained in many ways. However, the most common/obvious way to get them is by doing the action "Be Nice" on Sims (in most cases). This is an exception for Spooky Sims and Dr. F , who drop Scary essences, Goth Boy and Elmira who drop sad essences, Vic Vector who drops sad or angry essences,and your acquaintances. On occasion, a few sims (such as Dolly Dearheart), may drop this essence when you are mean to them, too.

Sims Using This Essence In Tasks

Possible Ways To Get

  • Be Nice
  • After eating food (must watch the complete action)
  • Sims drop after seeing you

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