HankPortal Hank

Character Info Edit

Role Fisherman

Hank is a character in MySims Kingdom DS. He is a fisherman who plays a similar role to Joseph and Barney. He gives you rods to catch fish. If you give him fish, he will take it and register it in the "fish book".

Profile Edit

Name: Hank

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Occupation: Fisherman

Description: He knows his fish! He also does research on fishing poles.

Character EventsEdit

Not Enough FishEdit

Hank's Warehouse is gone and so are the fish. Get more fish for Hank!

Soft rod Edit

You got a Flexible Fishing Rod! Use this rod to catch small fish. Go try it out!

Hard rod Edit

You got a Hard Fishing Rod! Use this rod to catch big fish. Go try it out!

Making a New Rod Edit

Making a new rod with Dr. F`s help. You need a fish book, so show Hank the finished product!

Salvaged Fishing Rod Edit

Hank and Dr, F were thinking of something different... But now you have a rod that catches anything but fish! Go try out the new rod.

Foreign Name

  • English: Hank
  • Dutch: Hank
  • French: Hans
  • Spanish: Jacobo
  • Italian: Pietro
  • Swedish: Hank

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