Hair Repair

Minigame Info Edit

Hosted by Shirley

Hair Repair is a minigame found in MySims Party, and is run by Shirley. The minigame consists of the players using a brush to fix a wig, with the first person who successfully brushes down every strand gone awry winning.


Comb Shirley's untidy hair. The first player to comb the hair back in place wins.

Description Edit

Shirley: "Oh no! My bodacious hair! It's a total mess! Hon, can you grab a comb and straighten it?"

After FinishingEdit

Shirley: "Now, that's what I call a hairstyle! Thank you sweetie. Now let's see those scores, hon."


Point Wiimote: Move Comb

Hold A Button and Move Comb: Comb

Recommended Stat(s)Edit

Festival Appearance(s) Edit


  • There is a picture of Maria in Shirley's salon.
  • There is a picture of Karine in Shirley's salon.

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