Grit Grit

Character Info Edit

Role Junkyard watchdog
Location Industrial District

Grit is Gabby's dog who serves as the junkyard's watchdog in the Industrial District of the City. He attacked T.O.B.O.R. when he was stealing a car engine from an old junker. Grit was able to damage the robot and send it hiding into a nearby cargo crate. Grit is later seen on the roof of Club Candy chewing on wires. Thinking that Grit is causing the noises that are disturbing DJ Candy, you get him more of T.O.B.O.R.'s parts to stop making the strange noises; but it turns out the noises weren't coming from Grit, they were coming from someone else.


  • If you solve Brandi's case first, Grit will appear over Club Candy after the storyline, but if you solve Candy's case first, Grit will appear in the junkyard after the storyline.
  • Incidentally, Grit's face looks very similar to Gabby's.
  • Grit's name is actually a word, which means dirt and character of strength referring to him as he digs around the junkyard and his bravery.

Grit's concept art drawn by MySims Agents concept artist, Genevieve Tsai.

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