Goth Boy MSR Icon Goth Boy

Character Info Edit

Role Tattoo Parlor Owner
Business Temporary Tattoo's
Residency Greenwood Forest

Goth Boy owns a "Temporary Tattoo" parlor, in the Greenwood Forest, though he still writes poetry. He gives you a series of tasks, such as two extreme obstacle course and two tasks where you need to go through a certain amount of gates to complete it. Goth Boy doesn't really seem to want to give you these tasks so MorcuCorp might have put him up to it, but Goth Boy was to depressed to do it right.


MSR-Obstacle Course Where Angels Fear to Tread

Aim: Avoid obstacles and reach finish before time runs out.

Introduction: So you're a racer, huh? That's depressing ... going so fast just to end up where you started ... why bother? // Anyway, I'm supposed to give you something if you complete this pointless obstacle challenge. // Will you bother or not?

Gold Target: 90 seconds

Silver Target: 100 seconds

Bronze Target: 110 seconds

Course: Tree Logger Trail

Completion: You did it. I can hardly contain my excitement. Here's your meaningless reward.

Reward: MSR-Frame Steel, Off-Road, MSR-Wheels Paws

MSR-Beat The Clock Borrowed Time

Aim: Pass as many gates as possible before time runs out.

Introduction: Oh, it's you. I guess you're really into that racing stuff, huh? Myself, I prefer writing poetry on a dark and stormy night. // It's pretty dark stuff. I'll read you some if you lose this challenge, it'll make you feel better. // Shall we get on with this cruel charade, then?

Gold Target: Pass 12 gates

Silver Target: Pass 8 gates

Bronze Target: Pass 5 gates

Course: Crater Lake

Completion: Whoop-de-do, my heart can't take so much joy, etc. Here's the thing you win.

Reward: MSR-Front Bumper Stacked Lights, MSR-Front Lights Good Old Times

MSR-Beat The Clock Lost Time

Aim: Pass as many gates as possible before time runs out.

Introduction: I came to the forest for the peace and quiet ... and then you showed up. Why must you torment me so? // Not that I mind, really. Better to feel torment than nothing at all. // What? A challenge for you? Sure, whatever, it's good for business, I guess. // Will you try to beat the clock on the new forest track?

Gold Target: Pass 24 gates

Silver Target: Pass 18 gates

Bronze Target: Pass 12 gates

Course: Bayou Boardwalk

Completion: Okay, so you won. Is that supposed to cheer me up? Here's your "reward."

Reward: MSR-Body SUV, MSR-Mirrors Scarabs

MSR-Item Collect Heart of Darkness

Aim: Avoid obstacles and reach the finish line before time runs out.

Introduction: You're quite tenacious, aren't you? I find that ... depressing. I suppose you want me to give you another challenge, right? // Fine. How about an obstacle race in the darkest place of the forest, hmm?

Gold Target: 90 seconds

Silver Target: 100 seconds

Bronze Target: 110 seconds

Course: Darkwood Falls

Completion: Okay, okay, I admit it, that was pretty exciting. You're really good at this! Just don't tell anyone I liked it, okay? Here, take this and leave me alone.

Reward: MSR-Rear Bumpers Skull Hitch

Best Friend Reward

  • MSR-Front Object Purr-fect Friends

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