Kingdom Resident Goth Boy Goth Boy
Goth Boy(MSK)

Character Info Edit

Role Poet
Home Island Spookane
Interest Spooky

Goth Boy lives in a cathedral-like lair home on the island of Spookane near the dock. When you, Lyndsay and Buddy arrive on the island, you are greeted by Goth Boy. Goth Boy takes you on an adventure to retrieve the book of life from Morcubus who lives in the castle on the island, after a dispute between Lyndsay and him about the meaning of life. Goth Boy takes you on a journey to Morcubus's residence but not without having to go through certain obstacles such as Yuki herself, retrieving a key from Zombie Carl and getting past a large sign erected by Grandma Ruthie. Finally at the end, Goth Boy is disappointed with what's in the book of life (nothing) but after the adventure through Spookane, he seems to somewhat admit that his interpretation of the meaning of life may be wrong. However, he quickly takes back what he says and goes to his house to write some sad poetry.


Goth Boy shrouds himself in the darkness of despair and the fog of solitude. At least, he does in his poetry. In real life, he shrouds himself in the ACTUAL darkness and fog of Spookane.

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