Agent Goth Boy Goth Boy

Character Info Edit

Role Turkey on a Fork Stand Worker, Client
Location The Boardwalk

Goth Boy runs the Turkey on a Fork stand on the Boardwalk, dressed in an appropriate uniform over his usual goth attire. He loathes his job greatly, and is uncomfortable being exposed to the sun. He says business is down due to Chef Watanabe's sushi bar near by, which takes most of his customers, and income, away. You can talk to him to get some of your own Turkey on a Fork, or just listen to him complain about his job. Goth Boy also offers a dispatch mission for help making a poem, due to writer's block. After your team helps him finish his poem, Goth Boy admits to you that he will enter his poem in a contest for the trademark poem for Turkey on a Fork. He then states that he can use the money to buy a house, and move out of his mom's basement.

Dispatch Missions

Writer's Block

Description- -player name-, the thought of my job is destroying my soul. Normally I can just channel my despair into beautiful and haunting poetry, but lately i'm coming up blank. I need someone to help me set past this block before my brain explodes!

Difficulty- 4/5

Duration- 4/12

Skills- Smarts/Paranormal

Rewards- New outfits and an object for the HQ!

The Player and Buddy talking to Goth Boy

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