Agent Gordon Gordon

Character Info Edit

Role Dinner Guest, Potential Recruit
Location Boudreaux Mansion, Later The Headquarters

Gordon appears as one of the invited guests to the Boudreaux Mansion. He hopes that Cyrus mentions him in the will and also hopes for the fortunite as well as some books from the library. He and Cyrus were very good friends, having been in the same book club. He helps your investigation by telling you where the book about the properties of fortunite. Once completing the Boudreaux Mansion part of the Crown of Nightmares mystery, Gordon will be interested in joining your team of agents. Gordon claims he borrowed some books from the mansion, indicating he may have taken some books to keep. He also displays some sort of temper.


Recruit Request Message: Well, hello again, friend! I was quite impressed with your deductive reasoning during that dinner party debacle. Maybe I should challenge my own intellect as an agent?


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