Gonk is a hungry caveman who lives for waffles. He lives on an island with a dinosaur, an amnesiac racer for a small amount of time, and a more modern-knowledged girl. He also is a recruit for the SPA.


  • Gonk cameos in MySims Racing when it is revealed during a meeting between you, Gabby, Sir Charles, and Rosalyn that Sir Charles, after being shot down into the ocean by Morcubus, washed up on the shores of The Uncharted Isle, with his memory lost. Gonk and Bobaboo take care of Sir Charles for 10 years. Sir Charles regains his memory after an incident with a coconut tree, and Gonk bids him farewell and watches him leave the island in a boat, back to Speedville.
  • Gonk always talks in third person.
  • Gonk's Dispatch Mission, Gonk Need Food, Badly, may be a reference to Petal's MySims Kingdom task, "Elf Needs Food, Badly!". This might be because both names have a similar name, but with "Gonk" and "Elf" at the front of the name.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Gonk
  • Spanish: Cavernícola

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