You can catch a goby in the MySims Kingdom by fishing. The island you can fish for it on is Cutopia, next to the mining area. It sits in the fishing area alongside sunfish, sea turtles and electric eels. It is also an essence on MySims (PC). It has a rainbow of colors for the scales.
Goby 002

Catching GOBY in MySims Kingdom.

Goby 004

A close-up of GOBY in MySims Kingdom.


  • Based on the Cutopian scroll "Precious Pieces" (and in-game fishing experience), the Goby may be a rarely caught fish, compared to the other fish in Cutopia. The Precious Pieces scroll only requires you to catch 2 Goby fish; whereas most scrolls requiring fish essences, such as "The Tub Scroll" and "Natural Furniture", ask for at least 5 or 10 fish.
  • If you give one Goby to Barney he says that "Gobies are really colorful".

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