Go! Go! Dancing!
Go! Go! Dancing!

Go! Go! Dancing! Edit

Host DJ Candy

Go! Go! Dancing! is a minigame run by DJ Candy and she's going to throw out some dance moves. It's a contest to see who can last the longest and is able to do her moves. It first appears in the Happy Festival.


Swing the Wii Remote or press the A Button to the rhythm! The player with the highest score wins.


DJ Candy: I'm gonna spin one of my most awesome tracks, so get on the floor and dance till you drop! Just shake to the rhythm, baby!

After FinishingEdit

DJ Candy: So did that track get ya groovin'? You guys really know how to move! Check out your scores!

Recommended Stat(s)Edit


Swing WiiMote/A Button: Dance

Festival Appearance(s) Edit

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