Ginny (real name is Virginia) is a girl who loves to dress up and play make-believe. She is a sheriff for the island town of Cowboy Junction in the MySims Kingdom and a "pirate" who runs a tavern in your town. Ginny is also Speedville's fire chief and she enjoys participating in races in her fire truck. She is also a police officer in the city. She then appears in MySims SkyHeroes as an unlockable pilot.


  • Ginny has solid blue eyes in MySims and MySims Party, whereas in MySims Kingdom, she has clear, light blue, and differently shaped eyes.
  • Ginny once had green eyes and freckles back in the beta versions of MySims.
  • Ginny has red hair in all the MySims games except the DS version of MySims Party in which she has brown hair.
  • Ginny doesn't wear an eyepatch on the official MySims Party website.
  • In MySims Party (DS) Ginny says her parrot's name is Randolph.
  • In every version of her, she has spiked braids except for her Pirate version, where she has regular braids.
  • Ginny appears in SimCity Creator as the Transportation Advisor for the city.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Ginny
  • Spanish: Gini
  • French: "Mel" Mélanie
  • German: Kapitänin Ronja
  • Dutch: Kapitein Isa
  • Norwegian: Kaptein Ginny
  • Japanese:ギニー

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