Gertrude-Template Gertrude Spackle

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 4
Role Resident
Residence Name Gertrude's House

Gertrude Spackle is a girl who loves bugs. She will come when your town is close to full, looking for a nice home. She is geeky but still loves nature. She has red hair tied into pigtails, similar to Poppy's hair, and glasses. She also wears a plaid outfit.


Gertrude Spackle used to have the coolest bug collection in her room! …Probably should have kept them in jars, huh?




Hotel Introduction

  • Um, hi there. I'm Gertrude! Um, do you love science? I love science.

Accept Move-In

  • Oh, you want me to live here in town? Um, okay. Sure!

After You Build House

  • I like bugs. Bugs count as science, and they're cool. Oh, um, thanks for the house.

Request For More Stuff

  • I should decorate this place with some, um, science stuff. Don't you think?

Star Level 4

  • Most people don't like coming across bugs in video games, but I do.

Star Level 5

  • This town is so full of life now, it’s great! I just wish it was full of bugs. *sigh*

Best Friend

  • COOL! My best friend used to be a goliath beetle, but now it's you!

Best Friend Reward

  • Chair - Science blueprint

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