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Geeky is one of the six interests in MySims. The characters in this category are usually interested in video games, comics, action figures, sci-fi, science, technology, and fantasy related themes. It is represented by a blue robot head and is represented by the color blue on interest color wheels. A similar interest, Tech, appears in MySims Kingdom.


The following are of those associated with this interest.

Essences Edit

Typical Geeky Sim Behaviors Edit

Sitting On Chair Edit

  • Plays portable video game


  • Making formula (Dr. F)
  • Salutes (Buddy)
  • Plays portable video game (Vic Vector, Jenny, and Brendan)
  • Juggles planets (Professor Nova)
  • Plays Action Figure (Vic Vector and Ian)
  • Plays UFO (Professor Nova)
  • Fixes Robot (Alexa)
  • Trips randomly (Buddy)

Activity Edit

Be Nice Drops (for most of the Sims) Edit

Statistics Edit

15 (17.44%) of the 86 sims in MySims love geeky.

4 (26.67%) of the 15 like tasty.

4 (26.67%) of the 15 like spooky.

1 (6.66%) of the 15 like fun.

3 (20%) of the 15 like studious.

3 (20%) of the 15 like cute.

5 (33.33%) of the 15 hate spooky.

4 (26.67%) of the 15 hate cute.

4 (26.67%) of the 15 hate fun.

1 (6.67%) of the 15 hate studious.

1 (6.67%) of the 15 hate tasty.


  • The Geeky house theme was later reused in The Sims 3 on the TV Channel Super Shopping Network.
  • This is also the only Interest that only has one theme for a townie house.

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