The Garage.

Paint Shop

The Paint Shop.

Styling Upgrades

The Styling Upgrades section.

The garage is a location in MySims Racing. Makoto and T.O.B.O.R. run the garage. There are many options and things to do in the garage, such as designing and installing parts to your cars and painting them. Makoto handles the Paint Shop whereas T.O.B.O.R. handles the upgrades sections. This is for the Wii only.

Performance UpgradesEdit

There are four categories in which you can upgrade the karts performance attributes including Engine, which affects top speed and acceleration; Frame, which affects weight and acceleration; Handling; and Special. Special upgrades are given to a player when they win Gold Medals in any given challenge. They can affect all of the above.

Styling UpgradesEdit

Choose from different Body Types, Front Bumpers, Front Headlights and Grill Assembly, Front Hood Ornaments, Side View Mirrors, Rear Accessories, Rear Tail Lights, Rear Bumpers, Wheels and Horns.

Paint ShopEdit

Choose from dozens of colors and then add a door decal such as a Skull, Star, Lightning Bolt, Paw, Flames, Checkered, #8, Kitten, Bowtie, Butterfly, Heart, Flower, Wings, Octopus, Ninja Star, Snail, Bunny Luv, Radio Active, Hawaiian Flower and Soccer Ball.


There are multiple MySim Attribute categories to customize including Hair Style, Hair Color, Eyes, Voice, Name Your Sim, Skin Color, Mouth, Goggles (Eyewear) and Outfits.


If you point your Wii Remote at the radio in the background and press A, you can change what song is playing. You can play the garage's default rock theme, the songs played at Shirley's hair salon in the original MySims for the Nintendo Wii, one of the fun house themes, and one of the songs from the jukebox on the original Mysims.

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